Friday, March 31, 2023
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School Board

Our School Board is the key consultative, accountability and advisory body to the school Principal. The Board is accountable to our Parish Priest, Fr. Andrew Fewings and assists in the decision-making processes of school administration.

The School Board, working in collaboration with the principal, oversees the implementation of the Sandhurst School Improvement Framework (SSIF) on behalf of the community.

Being a member of our School Board provides an avenue for parents and senior staff to exercise leadership in contributing to the development of their school community and the spiritual development, pastoral care and quality education of its students.

The Board consists of the following –  Our Parish Priest Fr Andrew Fewings, our Co-Principals Grace Scalora and Bernard Kerrins, School-Board Chair Adam Place and several staff members and several parents.

Our School Board operates under the components of the Sandhurst School Improvement Framework. The components are – Curriculum, Pastoral Care, Catholic Identity, Finance-Facilities- Resources and Leadership.

Some of the recent decisions and involvement of the School Board have been in –

  1. 5 Year Strategic Planning
  2. Whole School Building Development Plan
  3. 1 to 1 Technology program
  4. Reviewing school policies.
  5. School Promotion
  6. Curriculum initiatives
  7. Vision and Mission Review