Wednesday, June 07, 2023
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pdf School Bus Application 2022 (Free Country Buses Only) Popular

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Download (pdf, 521 KB)

Application to Travel on School Bus - Public Transport Victoria.pdf

pdf School Bus Program 2022- Eligibility Popular

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Download (pdf, 227 KB)


pdf School Bus Timetables 2022(Free Country Buses) Popular

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1.  Mandurang - Free Country Bus (eligibility apllies) Online application via School Bus Management System

2.  Junortoun - Free Country Bus (eligibility applies) Application form available above or from the school office.

3.  Eppalock - Free Country Bus (eligibility applies) Application form available above or from the school office.

An Application is required to be completed and forwarded to the school office to be approved by Bus Co-Ordinator.  

Parents are asked to advise the office of proposed travel start date, so their child's name can be added as a traveller on the appropriate bus.