Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Democratic Principles

Please click on the file to view our Democratic Principles.


St. Francis of the Fields Primary School comprises a unified and professional Staff with a cross section of age and experience who are willing to embrace new and changing ideas in curriculum. Teachers are constantly challenged to continue to develop and improve their teaching and learning so as to benefit the children in their care. All staff members have a strong commitment to the faith development of their children as well as their total social and educational development.

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Our Vision

St. Francis of the Fields is a community united in faith and committed in action, to live, learn and grow in God's love. 

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School Values

Vision and Mission

At St. we believe...

Graduate Outcomes

We seek to educate students to:


In 1993, a working party of inaugural parents of our school, decided on the name "St. Francis" as they felt that he would be the ideal Saint for the school in trying to create a peaceful and natural rural school as St. Francis epitomises that theme.

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School Information

St Francis is a school with many different elements. Below you will find a some information, but much, much more can be found in our Information Booklet which you can download off this site.

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